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Front-End Q&A

A couple of weeks ago, a good friend sent me an email with a list of questions for me. He'd been out of the front-end game for a little while, and wanted to pick my brain a little bit. I thought that instead of just answering him directly, I'd share my answers with everyone.

CSS/Javascript Word Clock

A little Friday-fun experiment I built: a word clock using CSS3 transforms and a little Javascript to run the actual clock. Useful? Maybe not. Fun? Definitely.

More Drawing in Canvas

Speaking of HTML5 and canvas, Carsonified has a nice little tutorial to get started with canvas. This article includes a good overview of where you can use canvas (anywhere), which browsers support it (most of them, at least with a little help (even IE6!)), and how to get going with some easy stuff.

Convert Pixels To Ems - A Bookmarklet

Recently, I was writing a Javascript app that involved some animated, expanding boxes. While doing this, I realized I needed a way to dynamically convert pixels to computed ems. The function wasn't too complicated, and so I decided to make a bookmarklet out of it that did the same thing. It was kind of fun. Hopefully you'll find it useful, either in javascript, or to remove the headache when you're trying to create pixel-perfect designs using ems