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More Drawing in Canvas

Speaking of HTML5 and canvas, Carsonified has a nice little tutorial to get started with canvas. This article includes a good overview of where you can use canvas (anywhere), which browsers support it (most of them, at least with a little help (even IE6!)), and how to get going with some easy stuff.

Firefox 3.5 - CSS3 Boogaloo

As I'm sure you're aware, Firefox 3.5 was released recently. If you haven't already, I would suggest updating(:

HTML5 Doctor

A new site, HTML5 Doctor was recently released, and it promises to be a good resource for learning HTML5.

Tools That Help Me Work

I have a lot of articles "in the pipes," but I've been finding it hard to get into the rhythm of writing again, so I thought I'd start with an easy post to get the juices flowing. This sort of post is obviously something plenty of people have done before, but I usually find them interesting. Since it's been done before, I thought I would concentrate on some of the smaller things that make my life better/easier, instead of the normal operating system (OS X Leopard)/text editor (Coda) writeup.

Naked Is As Naked Does

Today, April 9th, is Naked Day. It's an annual event in which sites remove all of their style information, to reveal the naked page structure underneath. This is my first year participating, but I think it's a great idea.

CSS Off Is Back!

I'm very excited to announce that CSS Off is back from a brief hiatus. Clevelander Brad Dielman has come on board to lend his expertise to the project, and Clevelander (and Brad) Brad Colbow is our guest designer. I've seen the comp already, and it's going to be a challenge.